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About Us

Established in 2011 by Managing Director John Lovegrove, Canary Designs is one of the country's fastest growing and most respected ergonomics design consultancies.

A chartered ergonomist with almost 20 years of experience in the sector, John has applied his subject in the "real world" and is adept at identifying the path of least resistance when providing the following services;

  • Human Sciences Research
  • Human Factors Integration
  • Quality Improvement (Statistical Process Control, PMI 500)
  • Safety Management (High Hazard Industry Experience)
  • Evaluation of Workload (Work Stress & Strain Metrics / NASA TLX)
  • Risk Management (ISO 31000:2018)
  • Human System Performance (Productivity, Workload, Efficiency)
  • Expert Witness (Falls from height, WRULD's)
  • Digital Human Modelling (JACK V9.0)
  • Control Centres and Workspace design (Computer Aided Design - Solidworks 2019)
  • Control System Architecture, Alarm Management Design and Training Simulators (Movicon NEXT)
  • Control Centre and Control Panel Layout Workshops
  • Human Machine Interface Design
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Ergonomics Workshops

Canary Designs Limited has continued to invest in the software, training, attendance at conferences to ensure that the advice provided is current and relevant to their clients needs.

Company Accreditation

Canary Designs Limited is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, John Lovegrove has been the North West and North Wales Regional Co-ordinator since January 2016.

Canary Designs is a member of the JACK (Digital Human Modelling) Group and has presented at numerous group meetings held at the HSL head quarters in Buxton and the Red Bull Factory in Milton Keynes.

John Lovegrove qualified as a Cardiff University & Bond Solon expert witness in civil law. The qualification covered the production of expert witness reports, joint witness statements, cross-examination techniques and contract law.

Canary Designs are currently part of the Solidworks and Movicon Next accreditation schemes, working towards expert for both CAD and Automation Software users.

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Our Portfolio

Since 2011 Canary Designs has worked on the following projects / instructions:

  1. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Fuel Element Debris Retrieval and Buffer Storage at Bradwell A
  2. AMEC - Nuclear Defence Project - 15 Workstations for manufacturing line
  3. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Fuel Element Debris Dissolution and ADAP at Bradwell A
  4. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - ILW Sludge Retrieval Control Centre Evaluation at Bradwell A
  5. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Advanced Vacuum Drying System at Bradwell A
  6. Stewarts Law - expert witness - Fall from Height Investigation (Pollock vs Cahills), Queens Bench Division, High Court, London
  7. Sellafield Limited - Box Encapsulation Project
  8. Edge Hill University - Work-related upper limb disorder investigation / office ergonomics
  9. Hebog Environmental - Wrist and Work-related upper limb disorder investigation / marine biology lab ergonomics
  10. Mackenzie Jones Solicitors - expert witness - Work-related upper limb disorder, county court
  11. NNB GENCO & BYES - Emergency Diesel Generator evaluation - Block 1 assessment
  12. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Resin Retrieval Facility at Dungeness A
  13. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Advanced Vacuum Drying Facility at Dungeness A
  14. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Waste Transfer Area at Dungeness A
  15. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Wet Waste Transfer Facility at Dungeness A
  16. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Sludge, Sand & Gravel Vacuum Retrieval Facility at Dungeness A
  17. Airbus - Broughton, Design and delivery of the Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Ergonomics course
  18. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Pre-conditioning Facility at Hinkley Point A
  19. Magnox Nuclear Decommissioning Facility - Sludge Canning Building Ventilation Control System at Hinkley Point A
  20. RNLI - Trent Class Ergonomics Design review / 3D Scanning / Digital Human Modelling and CAD review
  21. RNLI - E Class Mk II Ergonomics Design Review / Digital Human Modelling and CAD review
  22. RNLI - Severn Life Extension Programme / Digital Human Modelling and CAD Review / Mock-up Trials / Prototype - Sea trials

Infographic case studies are being worked on for all of the projects listed.

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