Clients & Projects


Manufacturing Engineering and Ergonomics Training Course 2017 / 18

  • Evaluate existing course material
  • Re-design content and format of course
  • Deliver new content at Broughton


Emergency Diesel Generators design evaluation (Block 1)

  • Human Factors Integration Plan
  • Review of design documentation
  • Digital Human Modelling
  • Early Human Factors Analysis Report
  • Human Factors Requirements Compliance Matrix
  • Human Factors Issues and Assumptions Register
  • Contribution to iterations up to sign off and design freeze


Office Ergonomics

  • Video Observation
  • Interviews
  • Digital Human Modelling Analysis
  • Ergonomic recommendations documented


The use of Digital Human Modelling to recreate a virtual simulation of a fall from height.

  • Fall from height - Pollock vs Cahills (High Court London, Queens Bench Division)


Marine Biology Laboratory Re-design

  • Video Observation
  • Interviews and Task Assessment (NASA-TLX)
  • Digital Human Modelling Analysis
  • Ergonomic recommendations identified in report
  • Solutions installed
  • On-going support provided


Innovation Agency – NHS

  • Human Factors Mentor / Human Factors Hackathon 24th January 2017
  • Human Factors Mentor / QEP Hackathon 28th March 2017


Nuclear Decommissioning Projects (2011 to present).

The following approach is used to support Nuclear Decommissioning projects at Dungeness A, Bradwell A and Hinkley Point A power stations

  • Human Factors Integration Plan
  • Ergonomics / Human Factors Design Analysis report
  • Ergonomics Requirements and compliance matrix
  • Human Factors Issues and Assumptions Register
  • Design Assurance / Trial designs / Human Performance Analysis
  • Ergonomics Project Journal (lesson learnt document)


Canary Designs limited is working in partnership with OR3D, and Nottingham Trent University to evaluate the design of the E-Class MKII and the Trent Class boats. The project is scheduled to be completed by October 2018. The information below will be updated as each of the project phases are completed.

  • Ergonomics Design Assessment Plan
  • Project Management
  • 3D scanning of the Trent Wheelhouse
  • Requirements capture at RNLI Tower and RNLI Chiswick including video observation
  • Anthropometric survey of selected RNLI crew members
  • Digital human modelling of tasks associated with operating the E-class MKII


Canary Designs Limited worked in conjunction with the BEP project team to evaluate the concept design using digital human modelling software JACK.

  • Work Instruction for Design & Engineering (Human Factors approach and design information requirements)
  • Ergonomics design evaluations for the BEP workspaces
  • Ergonomics design requirements identified and communicated


To investigate the workplace and task factors that led to the development of a work related upper limb disorder.

  • Workplace incident (Work Related Upper Limb Disorder) - out of court settlement reached
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