Ergonomics Design Specification

Canary Designs has the expertise and capability to improve the ergonomics of a design from concept to realisation using a multitude of processes and platforms across the defence, nuclear and manufacturing industries.

Design Research

Design Research

Canary Designs will investigate operational versions of any design using video observation and the ergonomics work survey, which will provide an understanding into how the current work system operates and any potential issues that could be designed out.

Along with the evaluation of operational versions of the design, during the research stage Canary Designs will identify ergonomics research, standards and work regulations relevant to the overall design.

Physical Layout Design Process

Canary Designs has extensive experience in the planning and layout of work spaces of all sizes, ranging from small military vehicles to vast aerospace facilities.

We are familiar with the processes associated with initial site surveys and the allocation of space, and have the capability to optimise the ergonomics of the layout so that the target population can still perform their work goals successfully without being impeded.

Canary Designs is currently assessing the physical layout of three decommissioning facilities for Magnox Sites limited.

The reviews are conducted using 3D CAD models of the facilities, which are imported into JACK Digital Human Modelling Software for further analysis. A series of requirements are identified with examples of improved ergonomic design schemes.

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Human Machine Interfaces Design process

Canary Designs has extensive experience of methods used by mechanical, process and instrumentation engineers in the laying out of control systems for small or large facilities.

We can interpret piping and instrumentation diagrams to identify what information the target population will be provided with and whether or not it is sufficient for them to complete their designated work goals to maintain a safe and productive work system.

Canary Designs uses Movicon.NExT software to draw up the proposed design schemes and demonstrate how they will look and feel before any financial outlay associated with the early procurement of equipment / long lead items.

We use Movicon.NExT to realise improved ergonomic design schemes with the missing instrumentation added and industry best practice for the display of controls and the design of alarm management (EEMUA 191) displays, as well as modelling the expected target population response to alarms.

Work Organisation Design Process

There is often a vacuum associated with the amount of work and energy that goes into the design of the work organisation.

The majority of budget is spent on engineering and the commissioning/operations team are expected to work out the best way divide up the labour and organise the tasks using a series of work instructions.

Canary Designs has extensive experience in evaluating design concepts (mechanical or process flow diagrams) and drawing up the initial work instructions using a language the target population will understand.

Canary Designs provides its clients with clear and concise instructions that often act as a communication tool between the engineers and work system target population.

It is possible to quickly identify potential ergonomic issues associated with the allocated role of the human in the work system and whether or not they will be able to successfully complete their goals.

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Ergonomics Trial Design and Build

Canary Designs has extensive experience in the planning and execution of trials to evaluate the ergonomics of a particular design, using physical mock-ups built in partnership with respected North Wales contractors, Pen-y-Bryn Joinery.

Canary Designs, designs trials for gathering expert witness evidence to aid the court and for conducting detailed investigations into specific ergonomic issues affecting the client.

For example, we designed a trial for identifying tasks and timings associated with a nuclear decommissioning work system.

Ergonomics Project Management

Canary Designs has vast experience in using innovative and diverse approaches to implementing ergonomics within small and large organisations.

During his 20 year career, Director John Lovegrove has used methods specified by some of the world's leading organisations, including the UK's Ministry of Defence, Airbus, Magnox, Rolls Royce, Sellafield, AWE, EDF energy, Atkins, Wood group (formerly Amec nuclear) and Shell.

From the outside looking in his revolutionary approach may seem diverse, but at its heart is the standard V-cycle for verification and validation of a design.

Canary Designs has the expertise and capability to model up and demonstrate the consequences of a concept/detailed design scheme, to define requirements and conduct relevant trials to verify that they have been successfully implemented.

We project manage using the ISO 26800:2011 ergonomics approach standard as a framework for managing our clients' expectations.

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