Ergonomics Investigation

Canary Designs has the expertise to carry out experimental design and data collection in any work setting.

Managing Director John Lovegrove previously worked at the Centre for Human Sciences in Farnborough, where he learnt how to collect and process human sciences data, specifically biomechanics, exercise and thermal physiology.

The focus of any investigation is to understand the complex factors that influence your workforce’s ability to achieve their goals. The complete analysis results in a clear identification of the elements involved and an implementation plan for improving the ergonomics of your workplace.

Video Observations

Video Observations

Canary Designs has the capacity to provide 360o coverage of any work setting and operations using a system of three cameras and tripods, and the expertise to place them in locations that capture the full movement associated with the associated task.

Canary Designs will plan the video observations, for example the start point, postures and movements of interest and finish point.

The video is then edited for further use, post-work analysis with the client, as evidence in a court case, reference for future design projects and to capture the work postures for Digital Human Modelling activities.

Ergonomics Survey

The initial triggers for contacting an ergonomist might be high absenteeism, incidences of injury, an increase in workers with medical work restrictions and/or an increase in events that reduce the overall performance of an organisation.

Contacting the ergonomist after the event means it is too late to prevent the incident from occurring in the first place. It is possible to anticipate any possibility and prevent a repeat of the incident but the most effective strategy is to conduct an ergonomics survey of your organisation before any of the aforementioned triggers appear.

Canary Designs has the expertise to conduct an ergonomics survey of your organisation to identify early signs of any potential issues that may develop into events that harm your organisation's performance and reputation.

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3D Scanning of Physical Environment / Products

Canary Designs, works in partnership with 3D scanning company OR3D to digitally capture workplace environments.

OR3D performs the scans required to capture an existing layout or product for analysis by the Digital Human Modelling software, JACK.

It is possible to then model up different layout configurations and workstation designs in the search for a more ergonomic workplace.

The current project has been commissioned by Nottingham Trent University and the RNLI. (PR HERE WHEN RELEASED - LINK TO BLOG/LATEST NEWS)

Workspace Evaluations

Canary Designs has the expertise to plan and execute the collection of workspace conditions using instrumentation in the work environment, with relevant factors including humidity, light, temperature, noise and physical layout of the setting.

Factors within the workspace can influence staff behaviour; for example, if the environment is too cool then your workforce will put on warmer clothing to maintain thermal equilibrium.

If it is not possible to maintain thermal equilibrium and as the core body temperature drops, symptoms of hypothermia will present, affecting the performance of your workforce.

Canary Designs has the capability to support organisations in identifying a strategy for the measurement of issues such as; manual handling issues associated with work, hand-arm vibration, excessive noise and issues associated with poor lighting.

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Anthropometric Surveys (ISO 7250-part 1:2008)

Canary Designs has the expertise and capability to perform an anthropometric survey of your workforce using the ISO standard for Basic Human Measurements for Technological Design, ISO 7250-1:2008 - Body Measurement Definitions and Landmarks.

Canary Designs has organised and conducted anthropometric surveys as part of an ergonomic investigation into the design and layout of the workplace. The anthropometric data is then fed into the Digital Human Modelling software (JACK) and used to build representative digital manikins of your workforce for further analysis.

Digital Human Modelling (JACK)

Canary Designs has the expertise - including more than 20 years of experience using Digital Human Modelling software (JACK) - and the capability (JACK V 9.0), as well as the Task Analysis Toolkit.

In conjunction with this software, we also use the Siemens Team Centre Translator to convert STP CAD files into JT files for importing into the virtual JACK environment.

The software and combination of ergonomics expertise enables the user to simulate the work environment and identify solutions for improving the ergonomics of the workplace design.

We will animate the imported CAD model and add the digital workforce to perform the tasks under investigation. It is then possible to model changes to the setting and identify solutions that improve the ergonomics of the design.

The software comes with the Task Analysis Toolkit for modelling the forces and loads on the human body associated with manual handling and applying forces at work (pushing/pulling etc).

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Human Machine Interfaces Analysis

Canary Designs has the expertise and capability to investigate the influence of the design of the human machine interfaces on the control of the work environment, processes and human behaviour.

For example, whether or not a piece of information is available will impact the system user's understanding of the situation and influence decisions.

Canary Designs has the expertise to observe and model up the human machine interfaces to determine exactly how much information is being provided to the worker and whether or not it enables them to successfully complete their designated work goals.

It is possible to quickly identify missing input data that may have prevented a particular incident or incidences from occurring.

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