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Ergonomics Awareness Course for Schools

Canary Designs has provided tutorials to design and technology pupils at Gwynedd secondary school, Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen.

Director John Lovegrove has a vision to share knowledge of the ergonomics arena far and wide, helping to train and inspire the next generation of designers.

The workshops encourage students to explore the physical, cognitive and organisational ergonomics domains by providing them with examples of what they are and how to measure their effects on the human body.

The session introduces the school and attendees to the user centred design, A practical guide for teachers of design & technology developed by the design for real people action group and endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

The session lasts for 2 classes, approximately 2 hrs.

Ergonomics Awareness Course for the Workplace

Canary Designs would like to share with you the impact that ergonomics can have on your career and working environment, whatever and wherever that may be.

The awareness course runs through the International Ergonomics Association definitions associated with physical, cognitive and organisational domains and how the multitude of ergonomic factors influence your behaviour at work, and the overall performance of the work system.

Attendees will be taught how to conduct a basic survey of their work environment to identify factors that may have a positive or negative affect on output, the work of fellow colleagues and the overall functioning of the business/work system.

This session is designed to take 4 hours to complete, with a 15 minute break in the middle for refreshments.

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Ergonomics Survey of an Operational Work Environment (Methods/Techniques)

Canary Designs designed a course that builds on the ergonomics awareness module by providing an overview of the methods and techniques that can be used to assess an operational work environment.

The course will provide attendees with the capability to plan, procure and execute a series of trials to gather live data about ergonomics factors present in their place of work.

They will gain an understanding of the different methods required to survey an entire work organisation for common issues relating to the health of their colleagues and the productivity, quality and safety of the overall work system.

This course will take 8 hrs to complete with a mid-morning break, lunch and mid-afternoon break.

Ergonomics Design Tasks (Methods/Techniques)

The final part of the ergonomics awareness training provides attendees with the processes associated with the development of an ergonomic design that has considered the characteristics of the target population.

The course is designed to explore extraordinary ergonomics and designing for children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and disabled.

It provides attendees with an understanding of how to measure capability and incorporate the different target population characteristics into an ergonomically-friendly design.

This course will take 8 hrs to complete with a mid-morning break, lunch and mid-afternoon break.

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